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What students can take the ELPA21 Summative Test?

Students must have LEP coded yes in TIDE to take the ELPA21 summative test. Students must also have a permanent SSID. Students with Temp IDs will not be permitted to take the summative test. 

What do I need to do about students who were entered in TIDE to take the screener but are not LEP and will not be taking the summative test?

Only students who are coded LEP=yes are eligible to take the ELPA21 summative test. If a student was entered in TIDE with a permanent SSID to take the screener and after screening it was determined that student is not LEP, that student will not be able to log into the summative test and take the summative test as long as the student is coded LEP=no in TIDE. That student will also not show up in participation reports for the summative test. You do not need to delete the student from TIDE. Just make sure the student is coded LEP=No. Students with a Temp ID are never eligible to take the summative test.