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Configurations, Troubleshooting, and Advanced Secure Browser Installation Guide for Chrome OS /core/fileparse.php/3694/urlt/19-20_NE_Configurations_Troubleshooting_and_Advanced_SB_Installation_for_ChromeOS_APPROVED.pdf
Configurations and Troubleshooting for Linux /core/fileparse.php/3694/urlt/NE_Linux-Technology-Guide-2020-2021.pdf
Configurations, Troubleshooting, and Advanced Secure Browser Installation Guide for Mac /core/fileparse.php/3694/urlt/NE_Mac-Technology-Guide-2020-2021.pdf
Configurations, Troubleshooting, and Advanced Secure Browser Installation Guide for Windows /core/fileparse.php/3694/urlt/NE_Windows-Technology-Guide-2020-21.pdf
Configurations for iOS Devices /core/fileparse.php/3694/urlt/19-20_NE_Configurations_for_iOS_iPadOS.pdf

These operating system-specific manuals provide information about hardware, software, and network configurations for running various testing applications provided by Cambium Assesment, Inc. (CAI). These publications are intended for technology coordinators responsible for configuring the hardware, software, and network in a school’s online testing environment. You should be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Networking—Bandwidth, firewalls, whitelisting, and proxy servers.
  • Configuring operating systems—Control Panel in Windows, System Preferences in OS X, Settings in iOS, and the Linux command line.
  • Configuring web browsers—Settings in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

These manuals also guide users in installing the Secure Browser for their devices. The secure browser is a web browser for taking online assessments. The secure browser prevents students from accessing other computer or Internet applications and from copying test information.

Quick Guide for Setting Up Your Online Testing Technology /core/fileparse.php/3694/urlt/ELPA21_Technology-Setup-Quick-Guide_20-21.pdf

This document contains basic technology requirements for online testing using Cambium Assessment’s (CAI) systems for the current test administration.

This document contains the following sections:

  • Setting up the test administrator workstation
  • Setting up student workstations
  • Configuring your network for online testing
Domain Exemption Guidance /core/fileparse.php/3694/urlt/Domain-Exemption-Guidance.pdf
This document provides guidance on student domain exemptions on the ELPA21 tests. 
ELPA21 Braille Version Testing Information for School District Staff /core/fileparse.php/3694/urlt/Braille-Version-Information-Sheet-for-School-District-Staff-SY-2020-21.pdf

This document is a resource for District Coordinators that addresses frequently asked questions about the braille administration of ELPA21 assessments.

ELPA21 TDS Operating System Support Plan /core/fileparse.php/3694/urlt/20-21-ELPA21-TDS-Operating-System-Support-Plan.pdf
This document describes the plan for supporting operating systems during the upcoming test administration and following years. This plan helps schools manage operating system deployments based on the support timelines.
Reporting Brochure and FAQ /core/fileparse.php/3694/urlt/ELPA21_Reporting-Brochure_NE_Rebranded.pdf

The Reporting Brochure and FAQ provides an introduction to the enhanced reporting system and answers to commonly asked questions.